So You’re Bending for: Signage

  1. Hemming

    hemming die


Hemming is important for a few reasons, such as reinforcing edges or connecting parts. In sign production, it’s particularly important for another reason: it neatens edges. There’s nothing appealing about a sign with jagged letters and shapes, and is more likely to tell inbound customers/visitors “Danger” instead of “Welcome.”

  1. Channel Forming

    channel forming die

    Channel Forming

For bending acute angles, channel forming with a v-shaped die would be an appropriate option. Additionally, if a sign producer is also tasked with installing the sign they produce, they’d likely need to build the struts for the sign mount. Channel forming will allow shops to form their own struts to the necessary specifications.

  1. Box Forming

    box forming die

    Box Forming

To form a box shape, an operator simply needs to make four bends. For deeper boxes, the operator may have to swap out a longer upper die, but since signs are typically going to be uniform in depth, there would only have to be a single change during the process.

Roto-Die’s are built with an adjustable lower die that makes changing operations as simple as a lever turn. For signage, this means that there’s very little delay between forming letters and shapes to forming the structural framework of the sign.

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