Spartan IW50 Ton Hydraulic Ironworker

Spartan IW50 Ironworker

Spartan Model: IW50S Serial Approx. Shipping Weight: 2,250 Lbs. Approx. Shipping Dimensions: 48″ L x 48″ W x 72″ H Skidding Fee: $25. Specifications: Tonnage Pressure: 50 Angle Shear: 3″ x 3″ x 5/16″ @ 90° Flat Bar Shear: 12″ in 5/16″, 10″ in 1/2″ Punch Capacity: 1″ in 1/2″ Rod Shear: 1″

Machine has been checked out and anything that needed tuned was tuned. She is ready to ship and go to work upon arrival. 800-753-0393
The punch cylinder is machined and faced to assure proper alignment of the cylinder shaft.
Cylinder stroke length is adjustable both top and bottom with two easily set limit switches. The
see-through stripper provides a full view of the punch for ease of alignment and operation. The
stripper is also adjustable for varying thickness of material. The various machines punch from 1/8″
to 2″ in diameter. Punching from 2-1/16″ to 4″ is achievable with usage of the oversize attachment
feature. Punches and dies are easily interchangeable. Both round and shaped tools can be used
in the machine.
The die holder will accept standard tooling and has two hole sizes (D and DX series only).
The die holder slides in and out on two T-slots for ease of alignment and makes tooling
changeover quick and trouble-free. The overhanging feature of the die holder allows for
punching channel flange.
The punch table provides support for the workpiece and also incorporates a worktable scale and
an adjustable back stop for gauging. The punch work table is segmented and the front portion
can be removed for punching angle iron and channel legs.
The round and square bar station allows for shearing various sizes. T-bar and channel shear
blades are also available for this station. With the bar shearing feature, rounds and squares can
be cut from 1/8″ to 2-1/8″ (Larger sized holes are available on larger machines only). By
changing the blades you can also cut T-bars, H-beams, and channel iron.
The angle shear allows for both straight and miter cuts of
varying sizes of angle material without a drop-out slug.
The two wear guides assure the squareness of every
cut, while the adjustable holdown keeps distortion to a
minimum. The angle shearing feature allows the option to
cut angle iron at 90 degrees, and smaller angle iron at 45
degrees. This feature can be done with both the top and
bottom leg.
The flat bar shear station has a cast iron support table
with guides for accurate positioning and has scribe marks
at 90 and 45 degrees for miter cuts. With the adjustable
holddown and an upper blade with only a 6 degree rake
angle, deformation is held to a minimum. The lower blade
has four useable sides.
A special feature of the flat bar shear is its variable
degree miter-cutting on the bottom leg of the angle iron.
Complete daily flat bar shearing with flat and precise
results, complimented by the unique anti-distortion blade.
The notcher is ideal for notching on either flat bars or angles. The gauging table has adjustable stops for precise
positioning and the safety guard is electrically interlocked
for maximum safety and visibility. Notching needs are met
with a rectangular notching tool, standard on each machine. Marvel can provide a V-Notching tools for a variety
of desired applications.


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