New HVAC Drive Cleat Inserter

We are proud to present “The Drive Cleat Inserter” Invented by a Union Sheet Metal Worker for the sheet metal worker. Not to make tons of money, but to save his fellow worker’s back.

This tool was developed to join two joints of duct together by using a battery or electric hammer drill. It will help eliminate the need to use a manual hammer to “BANG” drive cleat onto ductwork and it does it twice as fast as hammering in the field. If you hang ductwork, installing the drive cleats can be one of the worst back aching jobs of the day. This tool quickly attaches to ALL SDS shank drills and it’s action “slips” the drive cleats on the duct. It will absolutely help eliminate going home with an aching back and may even prevent a day off from work. What’s that worth? Order yours today for a delivered price of $86/tool. We will ship out the tool and BILL you net 10 days! We’re that confident you’ll be satisfied. Start decreasing muscle & shoulder fatigue and increasing your field productivity!
This tool is NOT available at any stores.
Give us a call toll free at 800-753-0393 or fax a PO to 412-921-2801 or email and let’s get one of these in your hands to try this week!
You’ll probably find out that you want one or two for each of your installation crews.


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