NEW 55-Gallon Stainless Steel Pogo Pump Spray System

Our spray kit includes the 2:1 Pogo Plus Bung Mount Piston Stainless Steel Pump, 25 foot hose and the Model 2001 Stainless Steel Spray Gun with all hardware included. All you will need to apply water-based adhesive to your metal to line ductwork. This pump mounts directly onto the drum Bung mount. Smaller tank mountings available, please specify and we will price one out to you. This price shown is a DELIVERED price and we do have this unit in stock and available to ship via UPS this afternoon. This is for high-volume delivery of low-to-medium viscosity adhesives. Professional Grade.

Pump is in stock ready for immediate shipment by calling 800-753-0393 or emailing us at


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