Lockformer 24-gauge Pittsburgh Rollformer

The Lockformer 24 gauge Pittsburgh rollforming machine has 5 forming stations and 1 inboard forming position. The forming chassis is constructed of 1/2″ steel plate. This machine is compact and lightweight and can easily be taken to the job site!

An optional Auto-Guide Power Flanger attachment is available for the 24 gauge Pittsburgh machine. The flanging attachment follows any edge straight of irregular while forming a 7/32 (outside) flange height. Just turn up a starting flange in the table slot, feed materials into the rolls and let go. Handles radii down to 3.25″ or 1.375″ manually at speeds of 16 – 18 fpm

We sell many of these every year, both new and used. Which is better for you today? Call or email us, let’s discuss your exact requirements. We have options for you.


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