Hydraulic Four Column, C-Frame & Straight Side Presses

Standard Industrial offers a complete line of 100% U. S. made Four Column, C-Frame and Straight Side presses for traditional and non-traditional production facilities. The management/owner team of Standard Industrial has been manufacturing hydraulic press brakes, presses and shears since 1967 and has thousands of machines in service all over the world.
  • Unmatched rigidity and dependability
  • 5 year parts and limited labor warranty
  • A lifetime of readily available components
Hydraulic Presses
     Standard Industrial is one of the last true U. S. machine manufacturers and we feel it is our honor and privilege to provide all of our customers with a quality built, dependable, precision machine that will make you proud to say that you “Bought American”. We stand behind our machines with the best 5-year warranty available on the market today. Our unmatched 5 Year warranty covers all hydraulic and electric components, plus all bearings and assemblies and the structural integrity of the press for 5 years. This warranty is a firm testament to the dependability of all Standard Industrial equipment.

     Coupled with the warranty is a machine of unmatched rigidity. The typical Standard Industrial machine dominates a press room floor with its sheer size and obvious strength. We welcome comparisons by any other manufacturer and are happy to put all of our claims in writing and back them up with over thirty years of customer references.


     Even beyond our substantial warranty, all components on the press will be available to you locally for a lifetime supply of parts. Standard Industrial goes to great lengths to engineer all machines with “non-special” components. This means that in 20 to 30 years or longer you can simply refer to your owners manual or the component itself, find that components original manufacturers part number, call your local supplier and get the part you need. Unlike most press manufacturers who force their customers to buy special made, overpriced components only from them, we give our customers a choice to buy locally or from us here at the factory. This means you are back in business in hours instead of days or weeks as is the case with most imported and even some domestic manufacturers. There is no such thing as an “orphan” Standard Industrial machine because you will always be able to find parts anywhere in the USA and the world.

     This literature is an excellent tool to show how four different style of presses can best match your requirements. Each type of press is individually suited for certain applications and die set-up and should be adhered to. Please also feel free to contact us here at the factory and talk directly to the people who manufacture these machines. We would also like to invite you here to our facility in Clarksdale, MS so we can show you first hand how our machines are made.

Hydraulic Presses Model AP1000 Four Column Press
Model AM300-10 Straight Side Press
Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses
4 Column Press
Hydraulic Presses
Straight Side Press

Hydraulic Presses
C-Frame Press
Hydraulic Presses
Straight Side Press

Model AP 4 Column Press
Specifications Hydraulic Presses


Hydraulic system with continuous filtration

  Oil Cooler
      Adjustable shaft packing

Massive welded frame

      Heavy Guide Bearings

Large chromed columns


  Adjustable tonnage control

T-slots in bed and ram


  Adjustable ram travel

Permanently mounted electric heaters for column maintenance


Portable 2 hand control station

Model AP1000 (1,000 ton) shown with optional rubber pad enclosure mounted under ram.  All other features shown are standard equipment .

Hydraulic Presses
Model AP300
(300 ton capacity)
Hydraulic PressesModel AP1000
with optional color
(1,000 ton capacity)


Loading Applications for the model
AP Four Column Press

Center Loading

Even tonnage
 across bed





Standard Industrial model AP Four column presses are manufactured for a variety of applications in metalworking and other fields.

Four column presses are best utilized for center load applications and/or for evenly distributed tonnage applications like embossing and rubber pad forming

Off center loading applications can be done on four column presses, but they will require optional load balancing devices like stroke dampers or nitrogen cylinders.

Available from 100 to 1,000 tons the model AP four column press is available with a wide variety of options that will make it one of the most versatile presses on your floor.                                     


Hydraulic Presses

Two AP300 Presses


Applications For Model AP:

 Die Try-out
 Rubber Pad Forming
 Punching (*)
 Blanking (* )


Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses

Model AP w/ optional bolster/die rollout 
arms and rubber pad holder and paint color


All model AP presses are available w/ longer open height and stroke.


(*) Punching/Blanking

Due to the overall weight of the ram and weight of the ram and punching or blanking with a four column press, you should limit your overall tonnage to 50% unless stroke dampers are used


Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses


AP300 press with optional light curtains and interlocking side barriers & with special low bed height

Model AP600 press with optional die bolster rollout arms; light curtain safety systems and air actuated quick change die system located in t-slots rubber pad box and paint color


Hydraulic Presses


The model AP Four column press is a vertical, down acting   direct hydraulic press with a guided platen powered by an extremely heavy duty machine tool quality hydraulic cylinder.   The precision machined platen is fitted with bearings made of A660 bronze and rides on machined platen is fitted with bearings made of A660 bronze and rides on The massive structure is fabricated from heavy sections of prime steel plate.   This press is designed for heavy production work for all sizes of facilities.   The self contained hydraulic system uses a hi-low circuit using directional valves for speed control.   As with all Standard Industrial machines, the model AP comes with our unmatched 5 year warranty, plus T-slots in the bed and ram, a decompression system, overload protection and many more impressive standard features.

Two Twin AP1000 presses with optional color

C-Frame Presses
Model DC C-Frame Press

 Self contained hydraulic system with oil cooler and filter

Full length eight way ram guides

T-slots in the bed and ram

Two hand control station

A counterbalance valve for punching and a decompression system for bottoming applications are standard equipment on all Standard Industrial presses

C-Frame Presses

 Machine tool quality direct hydraulic cylinder

 Box type ram

 Adjustable shaft packing

 Tonnage control

 Completely adjustable open height, stroke and speed change point

 Extremely heavy duty welded frames


**For Punching or Blanking applications de-rate the overall press tonnage by 1/3**



C-Frame Presses

Model DC400

Loading Applications for the Model DC C-Frame Press

  • Center
  • Off-Center
  • Front to Back
  • Left to Right

C-Frame Presses

C-Frame style
straightening press

Model DC C-Frame Press

C-Frame Presses
Model DC
C-Frame Press

     The model DC C-Frame press is one of the most versatile presses we manufacture. It is designed to accept off-center and center loads as well as progressive die set ups for smaller bed applications. The DC is available in tonnages up to 600 tons and can be used for metalworking, plastics, fabrics and many other materials as well. Virtually any type of press application can be accomplished on a DC style press.

     The model DC has an open gap frame and an extremely heavy duty box ram guided by 8 way gibbing. This combination is the most effective way to guide the ram and provide the precision most facilities require.

     The ram is powered by a very efficient hydraulic power plant utilizing low pressure (under 3,000 psi) to guarantee long life of the system. This system powers the single machine tool quality cylinder shaft made of turned ground and polished chrome.

     The model DC comes with all the standard features listed as well as our 5 year parts warranty and excellent service.


C-Frame Presses

DC500 shown with optional paint and light curtains.

Model DCSS Straight Side Press


Self contained hydraulic system with oil cooler and filter

Hydraulic Presses

Machine tool quality direct hydraulic cylinder

Full length EIGHT way ram guides

Box type ram

Solid end frames to provide the most rigid design of any press

Adjustable shaft packing
  Tonnage Control Completely adjustable open height, stroke and speed change point

T-slots in the bed and ram


Windows for material and die pass through

Two hand control station

Extremely heavy duty welded frames

A counterbalance valve for punching and a decompression system for bottoming applications are standard equipment

**For Punching Or Blanking applications De-Rate The Overall Press Tonnage By 1/3 

Loading Applications for
the Model DCSS Straight Side Press


Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic Presses

Typical window for model DCSS, shown with air tank for die cushion and an automatic lubrication system


Center/Off-Center/Front to Back and/or Left to Right loading

Model DCSS500


Hydraulic Presses

Built similarly to the DC style press, the DCSS takes yet another step toward providing the most frame strength available on any press on the market.  The DCSS has enclosed end frames in lieu of the gap therefore allowing the least amount of deflection and the most rigidity.  The operator can still however have material or die pass through with windows located in the end frames.

Built with the same hydraulic system and solid welded construction as the DC, the DCSS gives you another layer of strength for even the most punishing applications.  Typically the bed and ram would stay within the frames, but optionally you can order the DCSS with ram and/or bed extensions to extend beyond the frames to give you even more die area.

The DCSS is also available up to 600 tons and is perfect for center load and off center loads left to right and/or front to back as well as virtually any other press application.

Hydraulic Presses

Model AM Straight Side Press


Hydraulic Presses

The model AM straight side press is a more traditional style of straight side with much more left to right bed and ram area.  The AM is able to hold tolerance left to right much better than a direct hydraulic design due to its bellcrank linkage that gives the press full tonnage from one end of the press to the other.  This single cylinder design develops full tonnage anywhere along the bed left to right and front to back.  The bellcrank linkage system is actuated with a single cylinder utilizing A660 bronze at the bearing points.

Hydraulic Presses

Model AM200-10

  200 tone press in automated feed line & optional paint
These bearings are Designed to withstand up to 6 times the machines overall tonnage and they are covered by our extensive 5 year parts warranty.  The model AM is truly designed to accept virtually all forms of press applications whether it is punching, forming, blanking, coining, swedging, die tryout, trimming, drawing and so on. The AM is available up to 600 tons and particularly excels at progressive die set ups where you have varying amounts of tonnage being applied across the bed all in the same stroke.

**For Punching Or Blanking applications De-Rate The Overall Press Tonnage By 1/3

Hydraulic Presses

Massive unitized welded frame
Extremely simple low pressure hydraulic system with cooler
Ram mounted controls and/or pedestal controls are available
Enclosed end frames w/windows for pass thru of material, dies, feeding equipment, etc


400 ton straight side press with optional light curtains, extra t-slots in the bed and ram, automatic lubrication system and air counterbalance system with air tank and optional white paint


Loading Applications For the Model AM Straight Side Press

Hydraulic Presses: Bell Crank
Single cylinder bellcrank linkage system generates full tonnage all across the bed and ram

Hydraulic Presses


Center/Off-Center/Left to Right and or Front to Back Loading

Model AM500-10 
500 ton capacity x 10′


Standard Features 
For Model AP, DC, DCSS and AM Presses

  5 Year hydraulic and electric parts and limited labor warranty covering every standard component on the press (Optional PLC controls are subject to a two year warranty).


All presses come standard with a mechanical in-line depth stop and tonnage control

100% made in the USA
(2) T-slots in the bed and (2) in the ram (more are available optionally)

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