EMPRO EMT-7R Rotary Machine

NEW EMT-7R (Old CMZ-7R) Power Swaging/Rotary Machine – IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP

(Includes ONE SET – 3/8″ Single Bead Rolls)

  • 11″ Throat Depth
  • 14 Gauge Mild Steel Beading Capacity
  • Based on a standard set of rolls, top speed is 87 RPM which equates to 73.25 surface feet per minute
  • Manual Hand Operated Top Shaft Control
  • Solid Cast-Iron Frame and Large Oil Bath Gearcase
  • Most available options are plug and play and can easily be retrofitted in the field
  • Shipping Dimensions: 42″ x 35″ x 57″ (Varies depending on options ordered)
  • Shipping Weight: Approx. 600 Lbs. (Varies depending on options ordered)
  • 1 HP Motor: 110V, 220V 1PH or 3PH, 440V
  • Weight: 400 lbs

When choosing a power rotary machine purchase, the following points are crucial to consider in advance of your final decision. Here is a detailed explanation of all pertinent points specifically as they relate to our Em-Pro, EMT-7R:

  • How it’s built:

    The EMT-7R is a solid cast iron machine with an oil bath gearcase. The heavy-duty gearcase allows for a large amount of torque to be output to the driveshafts, from low speed to high speed. The unit is driven by a high-efficiency flange mount 1HP motor and variable frequency drive for precise speed control, and all the shafts run in greaseable bronze bushings for an extremely long useable life. If and when the bushings do wear, they are easily changed. At 450 lbs., the EMT-7R is one of the heaviest machines on the market today.

  • Ease of use:

    Our Rotary/Swaging machine, according to many current owners, is the “simply the best out there”.  The EMT-7R comes standard with hand-operated top shaft operation, but many customers are choosing to go with either Pneumatic or Hydraulic systems for safety and productivity.  These options allow for essentially hands-free operation, making it easy on the operator and aids in reducing the possibility of injuries caused by repetitive straining movements.

  • Capacity:

    The EMT-7R, depending on the rolls being used, can form as heavy as 14 GA Mild Steel for simple beading operations, and as heavy as 16GA Stainless for our 1/2” Vanstone Flange Rolls. Each set of rolls have their own maximum capacity due to clearances for material thicknesses. The working throat depth is 11”.

  • Options:

    Whether you are looking for a basic machine or a production machine, the EMT-7R is the only machine available that gives you the choice of four different packages for the foot pedal and top shaft controls

    • #1 package is the base EMT-7R with manual hand crank top shaft operation and Forward and Reverse Foot Pedal.
    • #2 package includes our Air Cylinder option and is ideal for lighter gauge materials as it allows the operator to control the pressure and speed of the top shaft traveling down during the forming process, thereby eliminating the need to have to manually bring the top shaft down. This package comes with a Variable Speed Foot Pedal to control the rotation speed of the shafts. This option is recommended if you are going to be doing production work on simple beading and or crimping operations.
    • #3 package is our Air/Oil option which uses a heavy-duty pneumatically actuated hydraulic pump and cylinder.  Our forward/reverse foot pedal controls the rotation of the rolls. On the front of the electrical panel there is a toggle switch that when in foot pedal mode works, uses the left pedal two-stage foot pedal to bring the top shaft down but when switched to pendant mode, the forward and reverse pedal controls the rotation of the rolls and the top shaft movement is controlled by the hand-held pendant control. This package is very popular for heavy use applications and jobs where the material is primarily 20GA and heavier.  The speed of the shafts turning is controlled by a panel-mounted potentiometer.
    • #4 package is similar to #3 but in this package, we incorporate an Automated Control Station which enables the operator to set variables that when running in semi-automatic mode, control the movement of the top shaft from start to finish.  When the program is finished, the top shaft moves to a programmed home position, thus eliminating the need for the top shaft to travel its full stroke on the next cycle. The speed of the shafts turning is controlled by a panel-mounted potentiometer. The best feature of this control is the “teach function” where the operator can teach the control the diameter of the part being formed and the unit will automatically step the shaft down after each revolution which is a huge timesaver and takes any guesswork away from the operator.
  • Other options available are –

    • A Heavy-Duty Base Stand that raises the standard working height of the machine from 31.5” to 42”.
    • Our popular Large Back Stop, which replaces the smaller factory plate with a 20” x 20” plate made from wear-resistant armor plate for customers using plasma cut parts.  The Large Back Plate also has angled slots that hold the included bearings that are used for support, thereby minimizing movement of the part while it is being formed.
    • For those customers forming longer length tubes, we offer our Spring-Loaded Pipe Support Stand, which applies consistent pressure to the part against the backstop.  This support stand is also adjustable in height to ensure the tube stays in a horizontal position.

Our Sales Team is extremely knowledgeable about this machine and the available options, and we would be very happy to go through your needs in order to customize your purchase.

Part # Rolls
37001 Single Bead Rolls, (3/16″)
37002 Single Bead Rolls, (1/4″)
37003 Single Bead Rolls, (1/2″)
37004 3/8″ Single Bead Rolls for Small Diameter Pipe (Minimum Pipe Diameter 2-5/8″)
37005 1/4″ Ogee Bead Rolls (Double Bead, One Up and One Down)
37006 3/8″ Bead (Combination Bead & Crimp for Light or Heavy Gauge Crimp Rolls)
37007 Crimping Rolls Heavy Gauge (16GA/18GA) (Maximum 1-1/2″ Wide Crimp)
37008 Crimping Rolls Light Gauge (20GA & Lighter) (Maximum 1-1/2″ Wide Crimp)
37009 1/4″ 90 Degree Flanging Rolls (Pipe Stays in Horizontal Position)
37010 1/2″ 90 Degree Flanging Rolls (Flange 16 GA Stainless), (Pipe Stays in Horizontal Position)
37011 Offset Rolls
37012 Burring Rolls
37013 Flattening Rolls (Smooth Face)
37014 Flattening Rolls (Knurled Face)
37015 Spin-In Collar Roll Set (22GA & lighter) (Makes perfectly round spin-ins with deep pocket)
37016 Conical Roll for Spin-In Collar Roll Set (Must have Spin-In Collar Roll Set)
37017 Slitting Rolls
37018 Tap In (Starter Collar) Rolls
37019 Elbow Edging (Adjustable Elbows) (Straight V Style)
37020 Elbow Edging (Adjustable Elbows) (Brown Boggs Style)
  • Base (Raises working height from 31-1/2 – 42”)
  • Optional Electrics: (440V 3PH)
  • Foot Pedal Controlled Air Cylinder Top Shaft Control c/w Depth Stop and Easily Adjustable Variable Pressure Valve
  • Foot Pedal Controlled Air Over Oil Hydraulic Cylinder Top Shaft Control
  • Programmable Automatic Air Over Oil Hydraulic Cylinder Top Shaft Control
  • Spring Loaded Pipe Support Stand
  • Larger Backstop Plate 20”x20” c/w Internal Bearing Supports

2 Year Warranty – CALL THREE RIVERS MACHINERY for your best DELIVERED PRICE on this machine tool. 800-753-0393 or email us HERE

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