CIDAN SHEAR 10′ x 13-ga M.S. 16-ga Stainless

The CIDAN RAPIDO guillotine shear is an electrical guillotine shear that works fully independent of oil or hydraulics and emphasizes our philosophy regarding the environment with very little energy and low noise output. The drive system with eccentrics, pulldown rods, and hold down system which can be positioned as close as 1” from the knives allow for easy and expedient trimming of narrow strips. The CIDAN RAPIDO guillotine shear is equipped with the CutLink control system, capable of queueing several programs, automatically shifting the machine from one step to the next. This already well-equipped machine also has a wide range of options including different back gauge and sheet handling systems.

Please give up a call on this World Class 13-gauge Shear, we can save you money either on Setup or Freight charges, but ONLY if you call us first. These are registered and protected machines and we can ONLY save you money if you call us @ 800-753-0393. Calling anyone else first will actually make your purchase more expensive.

Rapido 30
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

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