Advance Precision Master

The Precision Master cutting system will boost your shop’s productivity and consistency, while reducing material waste by as much as 30%. With a traverse speed of up to 1000 inches per minute, you have the ability to maximize production without the loss of floor space. The compact design of the Precision Master also enables it to be easily moved and set up at a different location. This is truly a high powered, compact, cutting machine.


Cutting Table
Cutting Area 6.6′ x 10′ ranging to 6.6′ x 20′
(Other lengths optional; 2 piece construction for 20ft table only)
Positioning Accuracy +/- 0.005″
Maximum Traverse Speed 1000 (inches per minute)
Torch Height Control Hypertherm Command THC or Kaliburn Inova
Ventilation Zoned Down Draft Table with automatic damper control
Sheet/Part Support Removable slat supports; Replaceable slats
Drive System Planetary Gearbox with 800 watt dual side drive AC servos
Table Strength Full table capacity of 1″ Plate
Table Type Unitized, single piece
Cutting Table Controller
Controller Type PC based
Hard Drive Capacity 2.0 Gig minimum
Speed 566 MHz Pentium processor with 256 Mbytes RAM
Communication Interface Optically isolated serial port with programmable baud rates to 115K
Parametric Library 40 preprogrammed shapes with over 300 variations
Part/Sheet Storage Ability Yes
Program Format EIA (G-Codes)
Automatic Part/Plate Alignment Yes
Stand-alone Capability Yes
Plasma Power Units
Proline 2200
HD 4070
Spirit 150a
HPR 130
Spirit 200a
HPR 260
Spirit 275a
Spirit 400a

Precision Master

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