Advance Fabmaster Plate Pro II

The Plate Pro II is a metal cutting machine that utilizes plasma and oxy-fuel cutting technology to cut through metal that is at an :

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Install
  • Simple to Operate

It is customized to meet your specific metal cutting needs. You can have your customized Plate Pro II metal cutting machine installed and up and running at your facility.
The Plate Pro II is the most competitive in its’ class.  As well as being very affordable, the Plate Pro II is full featured, easy to install, and simple to operate.  The Plate Pro II is very practical for areas with limited space.

Plate Pro II Benefits
  • Plasma or Oxy-fuel cutting process capatible

Standard Equipment

  • Emergency Stop Button: To quickly and safely shut off machine motion and cutting process, including oxy-fuel gases to the torch
  • Maintenance Free Guide Rollers: Sealed bearings for linear roundway.
  • Rail Axis & Cross Axis Limit Switches: Used for over-travel as well as homing of the machine.
  • Slave Carriage Band Clamp: allows easy and accurate placement and spacing of tools such as, oxy-fuel and plasma torches.
  • Operator Console: Hard-wired switches for selecting oxy-fuel station, oxy-fuel processes and gas system control.  The CNC is mounted to a remote pedestal.
  • Rail Axis Cable Carrier: Is mounted to the rail pedestal weldment.  The cable carrier keeps all of the hoses & cables organized during machine movement.
  • Linear Way and Heat Shields: Replaceable linear roundway provides for a smooth and accurate cutting motion.  Heavy duty heat shields protect machine from heat and sparks.
  • Large Diameter Drive Pinions: Large diameter pinions offer accurate and smooth machine motion.
  • Maintenance Free Guide Rollers: Sealed bearings for linear roundway
  • Electrical Panel: Offers “off-the-shelf” components including Yaskawa drives and motors.
  • Rail Axis Drive Rail: Precision ground rail and rigid pedestal weldment provides the stability for smooth and accurate machine motion.

Optional CNC Controls

  • Option CNC Control Choices includes: Hypertherm’s EDGE Pro Shape Cutting Motion Controller Or Burny’s 10LCD Plus Shape Cutting Motion Controller.

Plasma Systems & Options

  • Hypertherm and Victor Thermal Dynamics are the brands of conventional plasma cutting systems which allow production cutting from 1/2″ mild steel to 1″ mild steel.
  • Laser Pointer: Allows operator a visual indicator for plate alignment and torch positioning

Plasma Height Control & Options

  • Plasma Height Control & Options include: Hypertherm Senso PHC, INOVA Arc Voltage, Hypertherm ArcGlide Torch Height Control, and Manual Plasma Bevel Station.

Oxy-Fuel Systems & Options

  • Oxy-Fuel Systems & Options include: Oxy-fuel Manual Bevel Attachment, Twin Tip Holder, D7 Cutting Tips, Auto Ignitor, Oxy-fuel Torch stations, Marking options, Hi-Lo Oxy-Fuel gas system with Auto Ease-On.

Table Options

  • Table Options include: Downdraft Cutting Table and Water Cutting Table
  • Downdraft Table Trip Arm: Mechanical trip arm that opens and closes zones in the Koike Downdraft table. No pneumatic or electrical components are required.
  • Fume Extraction Unit – made by Donaldson ExtraLife™
  • CNC Air Conditioning Unit is available for those who live in climates of above 120 degrees F (49 degrees C)
Models 1500 2000 2500
Effective Cutting Width 60″ 72″ 96″
Total Machine Width 116″ 128″ 152″
Machine Rail Gauge 87 1/2″ 99 1/2″ 123 1/2″
Width Between Rail Supports 77 1/2″ 89 1/2″ 113 1/2″
Table Width 64″ 76″ 100″
Table Length 122/146/242/290 122/146/242/290 122/146/242/290
Effective Cutting Length 120/144/240/288 120/144/240/288 120/144/240/288
Rail Length 168/192/288/336 168/192/288/336 168/192/288/336
Rapid Traverse Speed 800 IPM 800 IPM 800 IPM
Contour Speed (Maximum) 400 IPM 400 IPM 400 IPM
Machine CNC (Standard)  Hypertherm®
Machine CNC (Optional) Burny® 10LCD Burny® 10LCD Burny® 10LCD
Machine Drive System AC Servo AC Servo AC Servo
Maximum Number of Slave Stations 2 2 2
Maxmium Plasma or
Marker Stations
2 2 2
Number of Tools Up to 4 Up to 4 Up to 4
Oxy-Fuel Gas System Hi-Lo/Basic Hi-Lo/Basic Hi-Lo/Basic
Machine Voltage 208-230/1/60
@ 15 AMP
@ 15 AMP
@ 15 AMP


Fabmaster Plate Pro II

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