Advance Fabmaster Plate Pro Extreme

The Plate Pro Extreme was designed to provide excellent thermal cutting at an affordable price.

This CNC plasma cutting machine has an:

The Plate Pro Extreme utilizes the latest technologies to provide unmatched speed, accuracy, versatility, and durability in a thermal cutting machine.  Designed to satisfy the world’s most demanding customer requirements, the Plate Pro Extreme has been engineered to maximize its’ performance while costing so little.  Steel Service Centers, Heavy Fabricators, Tank Manufacturers, Shipbuilders, and General Fabricators are just a few of the Plate Pro Extreme target customers.

Models 2000 2500 3100
Effective Cutting Width 72in. 96in. 120in.
Distance Between Rail Pads 98-3/4in. 122-3/4in. 146-3/4in.
Machine Rail Gauge 114-3/4in. 138-3/4in. 162-3/4in.
Overall Machine Width 160in. 184in. 208in.
Effective Cutting Length (Expandable) 168in. 168in. 168in.
Machine Rail System 22 KG Floor Mount 22 KG Floor Mount 22 KG Floor Mount
Rapid Traverse Speed 700 IPM 700 IPM 700 IPM
Contour Speed (Maximum) 400 IPM 400 IPM 400 IPM
Machine CNC
Hypertherm EDGE Pro
Burny 10 LCD
Machine Drive System AC Servo AC Servo AC Servo
Maximum Number of Slave Stations 3 3 3
Maximum Plasma or Marker Stations 2 2 2
Maximum Oxy-Fuel Stations 4 4 4
Oxy-Fuel Gas System Hi-Lo/Basic Hi-Lo/Basic Hi-Lo/Basic
Machine Voltage 115/1/60 @ 20Amp 115/1/60 @ 20Amp 115/1/60 @ 20Amp

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Fabmaster Plate Pro Extreme

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