10′ & 12′ Fully Loaded Handbrake, CLICK TO SEE NEW PRODUCT


This new product is a fantastic alternative to a $60,000 CNC folder for the small shop owner that simply needs to make simple trim and simple bends. We have two models: 10′ x 16-gauge or 12′ x 18-gauge. If you’ll click on the video link below, it will all come together on what this machine will do for the small single man shop or the shop that would like to reduce their trim labor from two to one man. It’s simple to do on this machine and the pay back is quick. Email us at norm@threeriversmachinery.com or call 800-753-0393 to discuss this machine. This is the ONLY place this particular machine is available anywhere.

VIDEO HERE > https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=etL4xdsrTd4


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