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Berry - Pneumatic HVAC & Roofing Notchers, ID#BERRYN

Our Floor Model machines are easily convertible to meet your changing needs. A standard residential notcher can be upgraded for commercial or flashing applications. Just provide us with your specifications, and we will provide you with a competitive quote. From fast delivery to quick and easy installation, your machine will be running in less than an hour on the day of delivery!

Low Initial Cost – Competitively priced equipment – give us your specifications, we'll give you a quote!

Easy Installation – All floor models conveniently powered by 110 volt AC (60 Cy.) and will operate with a minimum 1 HP air compressor at 80-120 PSI.

75% Labor Cost Savings – Hand adjustable – no tools needed – so reconfiguration time is minimal. Cycle time is one second!

Satisfaction Guaranteed – Our quality, experience and workmanship are first rate. All parts are guaranteed to perform to your satisfaction.

One-Year Factory Warranty


Standard Machine Features

Protective screen prevents injury. The machine operation stops when the screened lid is opened.

Steel welded frame comes in standard lengths for notching 4', 6', 8' and 10' lengths of material. Attractive, durable powder coat paint finish.

Permanent scales for measuring notch spacing and notch depth. Assures accuracy and saves time in both set-up and adjustment.

16 Gauge Capacity

Easy foot-pedal operation leaves operator’s hands free to handle material, permitting single-operator notching. Foot pedal activates pneumatic operating mechanism. Cycle time is one second.

Individual head control eliminates the need to disconnect or remove unneeded heads. Each of the notching heads operates independently with its own air cylinder, operating mechanism and shut-off valve. By simply turning the shut-off valve, thus cutting off the air supply, any or all of the heads can be made inoperable.


Residential Applications



Our "Standard Notch Pattern" including the 115º right and left hand lock die and 40º "V" die as used in "S" and drive applications.

Combination Applications


Notch a residential or commerical pattern on the same machine.

Commerical Applications


Deep notch patterns such as the 90º right and left hand lock die and 1/8-inch slot die as used in TDC and TDF applications.

Flashing Applications


Used by roofing, gutter and soffit installers. Optional dabbing units can be added to accurately mark bending locations.

Custom Applications

If you do not see a “Standard” machine to suit your needs, call us. If you have specialized requests for custom design, simply provide us with your specifications, and we will custom build a notcher just right for your needs.

Our custom capabilities allow us to serve a wide range of industries from sign makers to filter frame manufacturers, cabinet builders and many others. Our machines are built to notch most light gauge materials including brass, copper, aluminum, expanded metal, plastics and stainless steel.


Close-up of notcher
Notching Head Features

Hardened and ground tool steel punch and die; tooling for all notch configurations; low air consumption.



All our Standard Duct Notchers come with the following: machine base, air filter/regulator/lubricator, foot switch, air valve/manifold, interLocking safety lid, and (5) notching heads - (1) Right Hand 115º Lock Die - (3) 40º "V" Dies - (1) Left Hand 115º Lock Die.

Model # Capacity Machine
34 16 GA. 34"H x 25"D x 5'6"W 675 lbs. 4 ft.
36 16 GA. 34"H x 25"D x 7'6"W 750 lbs. 6 ft.
38 16 GA. 34"H x 25"D x 9'6"W 825 lbs. 8 ft.
310 16 GA. 34"H x 25"D x 11'6"W 900 lbs. 10 ft.
64 18 GA. 34"H x 25"D x 5'6"W 775 lbs. 4 ft.
66 18 GA. 34"H x 25"D x 7'6"W 850 lbs. 6 ft.
68 18 GA. 34"H x 25"D x 9'6"W 925 lbs. 8 ft.
610 18 GA. 34"H x 25"D x 11'6"W 1000 lbs. 10 ft.
Please call us toll free at 800-753-0393 or fillout the form below to receive a detailed quotation on one of these 100% built in the USA notchers.

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