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Advance - The New AutoFold i-Fold Coil Line, MUST SEE, ID#AIFOLD

Advance - The New AutoFold i-Fold Coil Line, MUST SEE,

 AF i-Fold

The i-Fold offers most of the functionality of a conventional coil line with the advantage of a vastly reduced floor space requirement (6ft 6in x 10ft).
The i-Fold allows the operator to use standard coil widths, in multiple gauges up to 16ga, and manufacture ductwork from a minimum of 5in x 5in.

The fully hydraulic system is controlled by the AutoFold v8 Control System that has been designed specifically for this machine. The input is through a dedicated 14in touch screen controller that utilizes a Windows™ CE platform to run the AutoFold Standard Software Program.


ONE MAN MAKING DUCTWORK WITH an iFOLD, 20-gauge Super-Speed Lockformer, Powered Cleatbender. How long would it take your men to do what this single worker is doing by himself?

The AutoFold Standard Software includes a Jobs Program.
Ductwork is produced at an average rate of 1 piece every 20 seconds (depending on the size of the duct). The i-Fold retains the same production rate as the larger AutoFold machines.

The i-Fold is installed by the customer as the machine is shipped complete and requires only one 3-phase power supply. No air is required. (Installation is available as an option).
 AF i-Fold Standard Specifications:
7 Roll Leveller System consisting of 2 Entrance Drive Rolls, 3 Leveller Rolls and 2 Exit Bead Rolls.
Shear Blades, 4 sides, upper and lower, for extended life
Maximum Working Gauge: 16ga
Maximum Material Width: 5ft
AutoFold v8 Controller with full AutoFold Windows™ CE Software including make quick, jobs and self-diagnostics programs.
Maximum Working Gauge: 16ga
14in Touch Screen Monitor with fittings, mounted on the left or right side of the machine.
One “A” frame coil holder with spindle. (Maximum coil weight 10,000lbs at 5ft wide)
 The i-Fold can produce the following:
 Flat sheet cut to length blanks
"L" Sections
 "U" Sections
Fully Wrapped Duct Sections

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