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Aaa read this before brow - READ TO SAVE $$ & WHY TO BUY MACHINERY, ID#READFIRST

Aaa read this before brow - READ TO SAVE $$ & WHY TO BUY MACHINERY,


Welcome and thank you for shopping ! We're extremely happy you found us on the Web. The reason we made this particular link the first item on the new machinery page, was to try to explain what we do versus other many other sites. We've been on the Web and serving the industry since 1998, right around the time Al Gore invented the Internet. While we do have a nice selection of machinery here most of our listings are either in our warehouse or in one of our other storage warehouses found in other parts of the country. We have inventory currently in five different locations in the USA.  Please always call for verification of machine location before traveling to any of our locations. Since we started many other sites have popped up and some have copied us, right down to the format of our first page on our site. While many are qualified to help you find the right machine, we find that many "shoppers" are really only looking for the cheapest price. You will find many "professional" salesmen on the NET selling metal fabricating machine tools without a clue or a care of what they're offering their buyers. With that said, many "buyers" do bring it on themselves by asking, "What's your price? Looking for the quick fix, lowest price machine and this can turn out to be a very expensive mistake for many years. We promise to attempt to offer you good advice on the correct machine to buy for your project. We've been selling to the HVAC, SIGN, ROOFING industries since 1981 and during this time we've sold many brands of machine tools both new and used with good and not so great results. We have learned over the years that all machines are not created equal. And in many cases a good used tool might be the far better choice than what we can offer you in a new machine in today's market. We'll suggest alternative brands that you might have never heard of before. We sell new machines on a daily basis, that are made in Canada, Sweden, England, Vietnam, South Korea, China, Tiawan, and yes the good old United States of America. Yes, we still do make some of the finest machine tools in the world and we can point you in the right direction. There aren't that many USA OEM's left, but we know who the good ones are and we can help you stay away from those that might not be as good as they once were. Everyone is trying to earn your business and some salesmen will say just about anything to scare you away from a brand we might be promoting. We've been doing this a long time and sometimes we'll actually be able to tell you the person's name who told you a "fact". Let us have last chance to earn your business! Let us help you make an informed decision, so you won't have any regrets on your purchase. So..with all this being said, the one thing we ask of you as you're shopping for a new machine tool is that if you like what we've offered, please stick with us. Please don't have us spend our valuable time educating you or your staff on a product and then get off the phone and call our vendor direct. This has started to happen to us more and more and it's not a good situation. And the truth is two negative things will happen to you: #1 is you just lost control of your bargaining power to receive the best price and #2 you will be on the hook for the freight charges. Because more often than not we'll pay the freight on a new machine tool. Let us get you a formal delivered quote prior to contacting any vendor direct. Contacting them direct, while it seems to many customers to be a cleaver thing to do, in reality you simply just cost yourself or your company money. We have dozens of freight options and because of our freight volume, we normally can pay freight and still make enough of a profit selling you the proper tool. Profit isn't a dirty word and we must have a little profit to pay our own bills. Just like you, we have families and mouths to feed, so let's work together and get your company the proper tool so you won't regret buying something for too high a price or worse the wrong tool. We always concentrate on lowering your labor costs and if the product won't do this there's no need to own it. So now that we've laid everything out on the table, let's get to work finding you the right tool. We will always welcome your inquires and we promise to do our best to satisfy your needs. Thank you for your time!

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